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Body Training

Body Training

Sue has practiced Pilates for over 20 years, it helped overcome chronic lower back pain and has kept her flexible ever since. She has been teaching Pilates and providing Sports Massage for 15 years so has worked with more ‘bodies’ than she cares to think about!

At her premises in Suffolk sue offers Clinical Pilates, in other words, Pilates aimed at helping with specific issues such as back pain, knee pain, hip mobility issues, frozen shoulder and other common ailments. Sports Massage is another term for deep tissue massage, remedial massage or just massage with a purpose rather than a relaxing treatment; it also helps with all of the conditions mentioned previously.

All services are available at the premises near Saxmundham.

Equestrian Pilates

Sue was at the forefront of developing Equestrian Pilates many years ago.  Her book ‘Equestrian Pilates – Schooling for the Rider’ is available from many online retailers.  Although no longer running equestrian Pilates classes Sue’s years of experience have been condensed into a 12 month training programme available here.