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Let’s Work Some Magic

Whether you are looking for private one-to-one coaching, a group course or maybe some structured reading to help you work some magic into your life, then I can help.

Most of my one-to-one work is done remotely by Zoom, often with some of my canine assistants wandering around in the background (see photo of two of them).  If video calling doesn’t appeal then don’t worry as we can also have sessions by telephone or by email.

The office dogs

Group courses are scheduled throughout the year.  They are listed on the diary page here, in my store and on my Facebook page events.  The group courses have various themes including The Sassy Ladies Club groups specifically for you strong ladies, Confidence Cohort group for those of you needing a boost and Business Brainstorming which, I hope, is quite self-explanatory!

If self-study is your preferred option check out my store where you can find brain training, mindfulness, and a host of other goodies.  My book ‘How To Get Your Shit Together’ is available as a kindle book on Amazon.

Something to have in mind is that coaching isn’t counselling, well, my coaching isn’t.  We don’t spend hours dredging over the past, no ma’am (or sir).  We look at the here and now, positively and without judgement.  Oh, and we plan for an amazing future too if that is what you want to do (of course you do!).

I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve found that when I am mentoring (coaching if you prefer) someone the best results come from working together over a few months rather than a one-off session here and there.  I’m not talking about a session every week, although you are welcome to do so, more like a fortnightly session with some homework in between.  It keeps you motivated, keeps the momentum going for long enough that you begin to see positive results and it also means I can pick you up and dust you off if you have a stumble along the way.

The cost for private sessions start at £100 per call.  That includes pre and post-call ‘fact finding’ and homework.

If you would like to know more then please drop me an email sue@suegw.co.uk and we can arrange to have an informal chat.

Speak soon!

Sue x