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Kinetic Shift is an innovate and powerful form of hypnotherapy.  The founder of this method, Karl Smith, describes it as ‘Active, Intuitive, Dynamic and Energizing‘.   And I have to agree with him!  I chose it because it fits in perfectly with the work I currently do.  It is all about accessing the parts of your brain who store away misinformation.

That misinformation leads you to feel on edge, dissatisfied, anxious, lacking in confidence and self-belief and all the other stuff that means you aren’t firing on all cylinders.  With my guidance, you (yes you, there’s no scripts with this hypnotherapy) learn how to ‘shift’ the dodgy information that is filed away, getting rid of it and replacing it with powerful, positive and dynamic alternatives.

For more information on Kinetic Shift have a look at the UK Hypnosis website

Kinetic Shift