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Energy Training

Energy is everywhere.  Everything around us, and including us, is comprised of little tiny particles of energy.

When you sense someone is in a bad mood, you are picking up on their energy.  And when you too end up in a funk it is because you have become entrained to the vibration of that grouchy person’s energy.

We need to learn to be more protective of our precious energy vibrations, to retune them just like you would have a massage for your body or do some mindfulness for your brain.

I look at energy work in two ways:

  1. Our internal energy; meridians and chakras
  2. The energy of our intent

The first one might have you pinging off the site or going back to a more ‘sensible’ page – I get that!  I’m so logical, need to be able to see things with my eyes or understand the science.  But I’ve experienced shifts in clients’ energy when I’ve been working with them, actually physically felt their releases…and it frazzled my mind!  Where’s the science?!  I can’t give you that but if you would like to read more check out the Meridians and Chakras page.

As for the second one, think of it like the vibe you are giving off.  Sit quietly with the intent of just relaxing totally, you’ll almost feel your body slow down.  Now stand up and march over to the chocolate cupboard – did you feel your internal energy shift up a gear?  Learning to be more aware of this energy of intent has so many benefits, if you’re still interested pop over to the Energy of Intent page to read more.