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Body Training

I came across Pilates over 20 years ago.  An Australian osteopath suggested it and I dutifully found a class, one of only a few around at that time as it was before Pilates became trendy.  I still remember my first session with the tiny physio-trained teacher…I thought it was an absolute doddle, it didn’t feel like I was doing much of anything.  The next morning though, oh my days!  I ached in places I didn’t know existed.  After several weeks the constant lower back pain I had struggled with for years was starting to ease, mainly due to my improved posture. I was hooked.

It was a few years later that I was in a position to train as a Pilates Instructor and then also as a Sports Massage Therapist.  Over the last 15+ years I have worked with more ‘bodies’ than I care to think about – old ones, young ones, fit ones, broken ones, sporty ones, rehabilitating ones, and everything else in between.

I now specialize only in Clinical Pilates, in other words, Pilates aimed at helping with specific issues such as back pain, knee pain, hip mobility issues, frozen shoulder and other common ailments. Sports Massage (another term for deep tissue massage, remedial massage or just massage with a purpose rather than a relaxing treatment) also helps with all of the conditions mentioned previously.

I offer all these services at my premises near Saxmundham, Suffolk.

Equestrian Pilates

I was at the forefront of developing Equestrian Pilates many years ago.  My book ‘Equestrian Pilates – Schooling for the Rider’ is available from many online retailers.  Although no longer running equestrian Pilates classes my years of experience have been condensed into a 12 month training programme available here.

An example of the video training programme