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Body Training

The basis of my body work is Pilates. I discovered it over twenty years ago on the recommendation of an Australian osteopath (this was long before Pilates was trendy!) and qualified as an instructor in 2005.

Having worked with thousands of bodies since, I now specialise in Clinical Pilates, that is, Pilates aimed at helping with specific issues such as back pain, knee pain, hip mobility issues, frozen shoulder and other common ailments.

I work with an array of clients – elite athletes, amputees, post-surgery rehabilitation – although most are just like me, a little older with niggles, aches, and stiff joints to keep on top of.

Where possible I try to recommend ‘do anywhere’ exercises, such as those based in my book ‘Equestrian Pilates – Schooling for the Rider’, so that there is no need to purchase mats and other pieces of equipment.

Our bodies are made to move: they are designed to be taken through ranges of movements we just do not do any more…

  • When was the last time you circled your arms or legs?
  • Do you rotate your spine correctly?
  • Are you sitting for long periods?

So much of adult life these days is not conducive with maintaing a healthy, functioning body.

Due to travelling so frequently I only offer face-to-face appointments in the Elham Velly, Kent at present.  I do however provide remote Posture Analysis sessions which are an excellent way of getting on top of any issues you may be struggling with.  More information on these sessions can be found here.