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I have been around horses most of my life, starting riding at four years old.

In my early twenties I took a break from horses as traditional horsemanship did not sit well with me and those were pre-internet days – accessing other training methods was tricky. In 2006 I returned to riding and developed Equestrian Pilates, the basis for my work today.

I have worked with horse owners and riders ever since, offering groundwork and ridden tuition. My clients range from beginners to advanced, western riders, english riders, endurance riders, and even vaulters.

My aim with all of my clients is simple – to encourage a way of being with, on, and around your horse in a manner that allows them to be able to be, well, a horse! To move as freely as they can without a rider, to be whispered to rather than metaphorically ‘shouted at’ with aids. For the horse and rider to truly become partners.