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I am in the throws of organizing my 2021 group courses; dates will be published shortly but do email sue@suegw.co.uk to express your interest in any of the following programmes:


The Sassy Ladies Club – Group mentoring for you amazing ladies who have drive, ambition, dreams, goals but need someone to keep you motivated, pick you up when you fall, give you a shove to get over those hurdles and share your successes with like-minded, supportive individuals.


Confidence Cohorts – Feeling a bit low?  Can’t keep your mind from dwelling on the negatives?  Feel like you are wallowing at the bottom of a pit of doom?  This group will teach you so many techniques, arm you with a multitude of tools, and improve your resilience so that not only will you complete it feeling fab but you will have the skills to stay that way.


Business Brainstorming – Running your own business can be a lonely, challenging and quite frankly knackering affair.  Sometimes you may struggle to see the wood for the trees, you might lose sight of what it is you are working for and towards.  These group gatherings are an opportunity to let your guard down, to guide you towards finding the right path for you and, probably most beneficial, being supported by others in the same boat.