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Prices & Options

The longer I’ve been coaching, the more I have seen the value in offering my coaching as 8-12 week programmes.  Why?  Because during the coaching process you will hit highs, but also lows, and it is important that I am there to guide you through the lows. 

Most learning and growing does often come from hitting the low points, exploring (with me as your guide) the reasons these ‘blips’ happen, and often recognising that these stored beliefs, behavious, and emotions are what have held you back for years is life changing.

Sessions are online video sessions via Zoom (or similiar), email sessions, messenger or WhatsApp or good ol’fashioned phone calls.

Group courses are scheduled throughout the year.  They are are a fantastic way of learning from others too; I have so many clients have the ‘aha moments’ whilst listenting to someone else talking.

If self-study is your preferred option check out my store where you can find brain training, mindfulness, and a host of other goodies.  My book ‘How To Get Your Shit Together’ is available as an eBook or print book on Amazon.

If you would like to know more then please drop me an email sue@suegw.co.uk and we can arrange to have an informal chat.

Speak soon!

Sue x