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  • Getting Your Sh*t Together in 2021

    Well here we are in 2021 already.  Some of you will have decided that you are going to be getting your shit together in 2021 – great plan!  But how you going to do it?  From experience, just sitting down with a fancy new diary and an early January enthusiasm may not be enough.

    And that is exactly why I created my How To Get Your Shit Together course and book.  You see, to me, getting it together doesn’t mean having a reorganize of your underwear drawer and spending hours creating a beautiful vision board (I do like vision boards, but more on that in a mo).  I personally think you are better off spending time de-cluttering your mind, getting to know yourself, working to your strengths rather than trying to fix a ‘weakness’, and generally putting some effort into turning your mind into a finely tuned machine are the best places to start.

    I have spent years doing just that and feel so much better for it.  What I’ve done for you is to take all the hours of reading I’ve done and condensed it into no-nonsense, to the point, books and courses.  If you’re interested my kindle book is on Amazon or you can find it in PDF format in the store along with the self-study course.

    Whether you do my course or do your own thing my top tips for you are:

    1. Start small.  Trying to change too much, too quickly will discourage you and likely have you in a funk by February
    2. Be prepared to put the work in.  Vision Boards are great, I have one behind my PC but they are nothing other than a pretty picture unless you actually do the work.  Same with Law of Attraction; I believe in it but you have to work at it – sitting on the couch daydreaming won’t get you anything!
    3. Be grateful for who you are, what you are and what you have in your life right now.  Make a point every day to mentally run through those three points.
    4. Be in the moment more often.  I am a bugger for letting my mind race forwards, however, I also make a conscious effort to be fully engaged in tasks I am doing too.

    OK, so that is just a little 2021 kick start.  Hope you enjoyed!

    Sue x


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