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  • Nature’s Child

    I have turned feral. I am alone in a field with my dogs. Horses are my primary neighbours, along with the many birds serenading me from first light until darkness falls. The occasional human wanders by but oh so briefly – it is utter bliss.
    My hair is left to dry in the sun and breeze; I don’t care that my curls are unruly and my mane wild. I wander round barefoot, feeling the grass between my toes and the earth beneath my feet. Some days when it is warm I wander around in just a shirt (shock horror – no undies hahaha) , a grubby one too after hours ‘business planning’ lying on the grass. I’m not the great unwashed! I do shower daily – don’t think I have gone that rogue…
    But now I feel I can breathe, and think, and plan, and dream again. Courses are being developed. I’m writing two books, flitting between them depending on my mood; one is technical, one is fun and frivolous.
    The point of this post is listen to what your soul needs. I didn’t for a while, when my guard was down I was guided by what others perceived I needed.
    Only you know what YOU need. Go and find it.