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Energy of Intent

Imagine being able to deal with every scenario with a calmness so powerful that nothing can shake you (OK, almost every scenario…rampaging lions may still cause concern).   Or being able to deal with the cr*p life can throw at you with resilience and clarity of thought.

The brain training I offer goes a long way towards setting you up for this, but you also need to become aware of the energy of your intent.  Let me give you an example:

You have an interview for a new job, you are mentally prepared and confident in your ability but your have revved yourself up like a prize fighter for the event.  As you enter the interview room your powerful, almost confrontational energy, hits the interview panel full-force causing them to become rattled and reactive. A bit like throwing a stone into a still pond, the force of your energy has sent ripples outwards.  Your intent to perform well had an energy all of its own.

This is just one simple scenario, there are so many I could quote here.  My point is that we all exude energy, and that energy is linked to our mood and our intent.  Learning to control it, to harness it, to use it to your advantage and become a people (or animal) whisperer is an amazing super-power to have.

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