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Rider Biomechanics

Have you ever wondered if you are sitting squint / lopsided / asymmetrically / on the wonk – whatever your favourite term is – on your horse?  A rider biomechanics and postural assessment are for you if you have.  Assessments on and off the horse are invaluable for highlighting asymetries, that is, where one side does not match the other – be that leg muscluature, torso posture, shoulder height and everything else in between.

Everything you do off the horse impacts your position on the horse: a job where you are sitting all day will tighten hip flexors, lifting heavy objects can cause tightness in the gluteals, using a computer can cause a rotation in your torso where you hold the mouse…I could go on forever!

Then there are the ‘naughty’ habits you pick up, or the misinterpretation of an instruction.  They too can cause imbalance but they can also cause restriction in you which means your horse cannot move as freely.  There are many examples on my Facebook page if you would like to know more.

Sessions are £100 which can be ridden or non-ridden, or a combination of both.  Either option will include prescriptive exercises specifically for you.  I also offer this service remotely by analysing video and/or photographs of your posture, including ridden should you wish.  Please email sue@suegw.co.uk for more information or call me.

I am also available to run Anatomical Approach to Riding lecture/demos at your premises.  Please contact me for further information and pricing.