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Meridians & Chakras

There are many excellent websites out there explaining meridians and chakras in detail so I shall keep my explanation brief.  Think of meridians as a system similar to the blood vessels in your body; energy should flow freely around the body, but many of us end up with blockages.  These blockages can lead us to feel mentally and physically ‘unwell’ and unable to put our finger on why, where, or what exactly is wrong.

The seven chakras are specific energy centres, spinning disks of energy which, like meridians, are connected to our physical and psychological health.  In my How To Get Your Shit Together book and courses I go into detail on energy anatomy and explain how ‘stuff’ that makes us feel out of sorts with the world can be linked to an issue with a chakra.  For example, when you aren’t saying what you really feel you can end up with tension or discomfort around your neck and throat, where the Throat Chakra lies, as this chakra is linked to ‘speaking your truth’.  By not being true to yourself you end up with physical symptoms.  During a coaching session with me, I ask you to become aware of your body as well as your mind as it often gives ‘clues’ to things you are holding onto.

There are amazing healing modalities which work on meridians and chakras, I personally am a Reiki practitioner.  But you can also work on your own too; I have a series of mindfulness audio tracks in my store, or you could pop onto YouTube or similar and find some guided meditations there.  The 30-day healing camp is one of my favourites.

For optimum wellbeing it is important to work on the Triad of Health © – the mind, body and energetic self.