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  • We Need To Talk

    Actually, we don’t need to talk. You need to talk. To yourself. To your inner team, tribe, gaggle, or whatever you would like to call them.

    We all have multiple traits, often polar opposite. I can be fierce, brave and probably quite scary but at the same time, there’s a little person inside me quaking in her boots.

    I can be full steam ahead with an idea, planning away quite the thing and there will be a little voice come out of nowhere saying ‘oh, you don’t want to do that’.

    So every now and then, I sit myself down and have a meeting with myself. I let all the excitable, yeehaa go-getters say their piece but also let those parts of me that are worried, scared, afraid of being hurt get involved in the conversation too.

    You have to make sure someone is in charge, a non-biased and opened minded leader. Question the crazy ideas to ensure all avenues have been thought through, draw out a few more details from the worried and run through scenarios and solutions.

    It may sound utterly bonkers (and I suggest you don’t do it out loud or leap around a meeting room changing seats when different tribe member speaks!) but by working through this process you will be involving so many different parts of your brain. It will help you to become calmer and more focused.

    So with that dollop of Friday madness I shall bit you good day.  Have a great weekend

    Sue xx

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