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  • The Slow Puncture

    The Slow Puncture

    If you have

    ever owned a bike or a vehicle, you will have known the joys of a slow puncture. The ‘is it, isn’t it’ question when you walk by then just when you need to dash off somewhere the blessed thing is flat. Sometimes you may just keep topping the tyre up with air and promise to get it sorted soon or you might be very efficient and get it fixed as soon as you notice it.

    Had you ever considered that we also have emotional and energetic slow punctures too? The little things that gradually deflate us unless we either keep ‘topping up’ or fix the leak once and for all.

    Some punctures you can’t fix, for me one of the biggies is the ongoing health issue of one of my horses. If I let it, the worry can be exhausting. There are days, usually when he’s not 100% that I worry. The rest of the time my ‘patch’ is that I know I am doing everything that I can, at this given moment in time, to keep him sound and well.

    Many people’s punctures are related to ‘what ifs’. What if it rains, what if my health breaks down, what if I run out of money. Those can be fixed. Wear an elastic band around your wrist and every time you find yourself wandering into the future (which NONE of us can predict, even the next few seconds) twang yourself back to reality! You have no control over what may happen in the future but you can take steps right now to make it the version you want it to be.

    If like me you have an ongoing slow puncture, ask yourself are you doing the best you can at the moment? If yes, repeat the band twanging above! If no, put the things in place to ensure you are giving it your best shot.

    Slow punctures deflate us, lots of little slow punctures will really sap our energy. Identify them, go on, have a ten minute ‘tyre’ inspection right now. What do you allow yourself to worry about? Who do you allow to deflSlow Punctureate you? And then, be efficient, and put a patch on what you can. The ten minutes you’ve just spent thinking about it will have re-inflated you


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