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The Triad of Horsemanship

The unridden horse moves with grace and fluidity.  Again, without a rider, the older or unsound horse with physical limitations is free to move in a manner they find comfortable.  They know how to walk, trot, canter and gallop.  At liberty they glide backwards, sideways, spin on the spot.  They collect and extend beautifully at will. They know how to move. 

As riders, our goal should always be to allow that same grace and fluidity to come through when we ride – to become synchronised dancing partners with our beautiful, balletic equines; allowing them to lead the dance, to show us where we need to be in order to refine our combined movements.

However, it became apparent through teaching my bodywork sessions that the mind was as big an influence on physical tension as sitting at a desk or hauling sacks of feed around.  This led me to study and train in an array of methodologies to aid clients unravel their tangled thoughts, to explore their thinking patterns and be honest about their wants and needs, thus becoming mentally, emotionally at ease with themselves. 

This congruency between mind and body was transformational.  But there was still something missing, something the horses needed. 

It was my old mare who helped me figure it out – she showed me that they (my horses) needed me to connect to my soul, my spirit, my inner energy, or essence if you will.  So, I let go of my inhibitions, my wariness to be seen as ‘woo woo’ and started exploring chakras, reiki, energy meridians and the like.  I learned how to quieten the logical voice and to really feel where and how my energy needed to flow, to listen to innate wisdom of my soul.  And the relationship with the horses deepened to a whole new level.

This is what I want to share, what my horses wanted me to share: that by unifying the triad of mind, body and soul, the bond you can achieve with your horses is breathtakingly beautiful.

These sessions will be in-person group courses.  If it sounds of interest, please do let me know.