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    Law of Attraction – What’s That All About?


    Some think the Law of Attraction is a load of old twaddle.  Others swear by its power.  Me, I do think there is something (positive) in it but with a caveat or two…


    You may, or may not, have heard of The Secret; there was a film and there’s self-help book by Rhonda Byrne which has sold over 30 million copies (oh, Universe – why did I not have the idea first?!).  Three words are associated with The Secret / Law of Attraction – Ask, Believe, Receive.  Now some people do take that concept literally, thinking all they have to do is lie on the sofa with a glass of wine and ask the Universe for their heart’s desire and she will deliver it.


    Here’s the thing, you actually have to do something too!  Those who think Law of Attraction is a load of twaddle were probably of the sofa and wine mindset – sorry but trying to pull the house of your dreams out of a glass of wine and a fanciful daydream ain’t going to get your far.


    In my humble opinion, I think Law of Attraction works on many different levels.  First up, it gives you a focus, something to work towards.  It also serves up a healthy dose of motivation; if you spend time visualising what you want and how it will feel when you achieve it then it fires you up to get off your butt and work for it, doesn’t it?  I think the clarity which comes from developing an idea, the ‘Ask’ part, is great.  That sort of Positive Psychology, conjuring what you want rather than grumping about what you haven’t got, is great for your brain.


    ‘Believe’ is often the trickiest part, especially when those around you don’t have faith in your ability to achieve.  I used to let peoples’ lack of faith in my ability knock me back.  With hindsight I think I just unsettled people with my ambition and imagination.  Now if someone insinuates that I can’t achieve my goals it just makes me more determined to prove them wrong; it makes me work harder.


    If you want something, spend time clarifying the details.  If you really want it, work for it and it will find you.  But don’t get too fixated on the goal, remember to spend time in the ‘here and now’ too, enjoying what you have, making the very best of what you’ve got and who you are.


    Speak soon!  Much love, Sue xx


    Law of Attraction

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