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What Is Coaching?

A coaching session varies depending on what you want and need.  It could be a specific issue such as a work relationship, balancing home and business lives, or techniques to deal with worry or anxiety.  On the other hand, often clients come to me with a specific ‘issue’ but realize that they need to look at the bigger picture of their life as a whole in order to find the answers.  The latter sounds scary but I can assure you it is actually invigorating!

The ‘mechanics’ of an actual session go something like this:

  • Initial contact by email or phone
  • Brief discussion about your situation, backed up by completion of a client form
  • Scheduled meeting (Zoom or phone) for roughly an hour, most often a bit longer
  • Homework setting and follow up appointment scheduled
  • Check-in via email

An actual session is something akin to having an honest, open chat with a really close friend.  Except this friend (me) is trained to listen out for key points, to nudge you towards you finding solutions, to ask questions your real friend may not, and to observe stuff like the language you use (swearing is allowed! – it’s all that negative talk I look out for).

That really is a very broad view of a session; there’s a lot more to it.  What coaching isn’t is counselling.  I don’t rake over stuff that happened in the past and blame your current situation on not getting a specific toy for Christmas when you were 7 years old… I focus firmly on the now, with half an eye on the future too.

I do hope that helps but if you have any further questions please do get in touch.  You can find information and pricing here.


coaching can happen anywhere
Coaching doesn’t have to happen indoors