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  • Keep Going

    Reality hit home over the weekend. The likelihood of me being able to carry out any of my ‘hands on’ work this year is very slim irrespective of my ongoing injury. Restrictions are lifting but social distancing remains for goodness knows how long.

    I fully confess to turning inwards, having an ‘oh sh*t’ moment (a long moment at that) as my plans and dreams seemed to turn into something of a heat haze rather than a clear vision. The years I have put into my biomechanics business suddenly felt wasted, or at best cast aside by this invisible invader.

    So, I did what my instinct told me to do. I spent time with my animals and felt them share their energy with me, bolster me with their unconditional love (or whatever you think animals share) and sense of just being in the moment, sharing space. I harvested wild plant seeds, and by plants I mean weeds in anyone else’s terms but they are ones the horses love.

    I sorted my websites, objectively looking at all of my options and seeing what came forward to me. Because there will be a way, but by desperately seeking it I won’t find it. I need to take a step back and just ‘be’ and allow the answers to come to me in that clearer mind set.

    As do you, so if you are struggling remember what it says in the image below. Just keep going, you have truly got this if you stop searching so hard