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  • Rest & Reset

    A few days ago I shared with you the fact that, like many of you, I was finding life a bit of a struggle. So much has changed lately that it makes your head spin if you let it.

    So why the cute photo of sleeping animals? I will tell you why. Animals are not dumb. Animals generally, if we stop getting in their way, have it sussed. They rest when they need to. They don’t wait until the ‘correct’ time to have 7.5 hours sleep before being shaken awake by an alarm clock. As I type I am surrounded by 3 snoozing dogs, I just looked outside and my two horses are dozing in their shelter. As soon as I have finished this I too am going to shut my eyes.

    Mental stress can make you tired. Ignoring that need to rest is a waste of time, you will just bumble through the day achieving nothing other than getting cross with yourself for not achieving anything which you deem to be constructive. For me, right now, having a nap is constructive. I had an unsettled night on the sofa as one of the dogs had been to the vet and was on new meds.

    But napping isn’t just about sleep. Napping, or even just lying somewhere quietly for 20 minutes and resting, can allow you to hit that mental reset switch. There are loads of resources online to help you – meditations, relaxation music – keep your mind free from random thoughts for 20 minutes.

    Allow your mind as well as your body to rest and reset. I’m going to now, are you joining me (not literally, that would be a bit odd!)? Go on, just 20 minutes from the1440 minutes which you have in every day……..